Thinking of starting a new church?

The Church Planting EQ Assessment is designed to help create a “snapshot” of your life and ministry experiences in order to help you discover your readiness for church planting. Through our research, we have noted eight key factors that are important for starting a new church.

While there are no magical assessments that automatically guarantee success, this is intended to be an initial self-assessment tool that will help you gain a more well-rounded understanding of your potential calling to the ministry of church planting.

How it Works?

  1. Take the Church Planting EQ Assessment. (About 10 minutes to complete.)
  2. Get immediate results that are quick and accurate. Your scores are automatically scored for you.
  3. The system calculates your scores instantly and creates your customized feedback report.
  4. Your feedback report includes suggestions that help you take next steps in your church planting journey.