About the Assessment

Assessments come in a variety of formats and they help provide potential planters with an initial indicator of their readiness to plant a church. By evaluating different characteristics that are important for potential church planters, these tests can offer valuable lens through which you can evaluate yourself. While many church planting assessments are skill based, we have chosen the EQ model because we believe it to be the best method of creating meaningful reflection. EQ does not refer to our IQ, but is another “kind of smart”: our emotional intelligence. Our emotional intelligence reflects the capability of individuals to recognize and use their own emotional information to manage and adapt to various environments in order to achieve success.

There are similar personal and social competencies for church planters. After working with hundreds of church planters for more than a decade, we have helped create an assessment tool to test the EQ of potential church planters. The Church Planter EQ Assessment helps you answer the question, “Do I have the emotional intelligence to be a church planter?” The assessment helps give a “snapshot” of your life and ministry experiences in order to help you discover your readiness for church planting.

Through research and evaluation, we have identified eight key factors that are important for individuals to take into consideration when they are evaluating their readiness for starting a new church. The eight factors can be divided into two categories: personal competence and social competence. While there are no magical assessments that automatically guarantee success, this is intended to be an initial self-assessment tool that will help you gain a more well-rounded understanding of your potential calling to the ministry of church planting.

Eight Factors

1. Personal Competence

2 . Social Competence